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Seasonal Cleanups
Includes clean up of property from debris, including the weeding of mulch beds and the clean up of debris turf areas.

Mulch Application
This service includes the edging of all landscape bed areas with a 3-4" deep edge, application of weed pre-emergent herbicide and the application of your preference of mulch at a uniform depth.

Tree/Shrub Pruning
Whether you like your plantings hand pruned or sheared, Showcase can give you a custom trimming plan for a custom trimming plan for all the plants on your property.

Annual Flowers
Whether in a pot or in a landscape bed, Showcase can design and install a beautiful assortment of annual flowers on your property for any season.

Showcase will control weeds in your landscape, among other areas, by manually pulling and/or control by herbicides. Why spend your time weeding? Enjoy your landscape without all the work.

Tree/Shrub Care
Take care of your growing investment with a preventative care program designed to take care of any insect and/or disease that may try to invade your landscape.

We have many mowing programs that will fit your preferences and budget. All mowing programs include string trimming of all areas, and the blowing off of all paved surfaces for your enjoyment.

Lawn Care
Feed your lawn for success with one of Showcase's three programs created to accommodate your needs. Click here to see a list of our programs, along with other information on our lawn care services.

Allow your lawn to breathe and get the nutrition it needs for success!

Seed your distressed lawn without sacrificing the good area of turf. With Showcase over-seeding, you will get your lawn back into shape. Click here for more details.

Top Dressing
In addition to over-seeding, top dressing introduces organic matter to your soil which it needs to survive and thrive.

* Ask about our maintenance packages which combine your selections of service into one low monthly price!

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Tradition Program
Use of typical synthetic fertilizers and weed control methods to get a beautiful and weed free lawn.

Organic Program
Use of 100% organic fertilizers and agents to build your lawn with no synthetic chemicals.

Environmentally Friendly Program
Use of 100% organic fertilizers to build soil structures, and the use of traditional weed/insect control methods.

Over-seeding 1
Seeding of turf with slice seeder. This revise includes the applications of Starter Fertilizer.

Over-seeding 2
Core Aeration of entire areas to be seeding, seeding of turf with slice seeder, application of Starter Fertilizer, and the drag mating of entire areas seeded.

Core Aeration
Core aeration of turf.

Top Dressing
Application of compost to turf area in question, core aeration of entire area, slide seeding of entire area, application of starter fertilizer and the drag mating of entire area.

Dethatching of entire area in question, and includes the removal of majority of dead grass from surface once service is performed.

Irrigation Services
Maintenance and repair of existing irrigation systems.

Professional Landscape Design
Create the outdoor space you dream of. Our professional designers can give you a landscape that reflects your personality and needs.

Have a patio, walkway or decorative wall installed by an E.P. Henry Authorized Installer. We stand by our work, all of our hardscapes come with a five-year warranty!

A landscape is nothing without the plants, however making sure you have the right plant in the right place is imperative. Showcase has the experience and plan to make sure your landscape is prepared for the years to come. All of our plantings come with an Industry high warranty!

Landscape Lighting
Enjoy your landscape at night, while adding additional security to your property. Showcase can design a visually appealing lighting system to accent your outdoor investment.

Water Drainage Management
Getting water in your basement? Have water puddles in your lawn? Call Showcase to get rid of your water problems NOW!

Irrigation Installation
Give your grass and plantings the water they need. Have an irrigation system installed for optimal protection of your investment.

Lawn Seeding and Sod Installation
Showcase can seed your new lawn, or give you instant gratification with the installation of premium sod.

Power Washing
Give your property a bath with our power washing service!

Gutter Guard Installation
Keep your gutters clean with our Leaf Solutions gutter protection system. There is no need for ugly helmets, no need for ugly inserts that do not work and no need for new gutters. Leaf Solutions by Showcase offers a lifetime warranty that you have to see! Click the link above to see a video on the system and the benefits