Nutsedge is a weed that appears in lawns and landscape beds. This weed spreads during the spring and fall through underground stems called rhizomes. You can identify nutsedge by rolling the stem in your hand. If the stem feels triangular in shape and waxy, you may have yellow nutsedge infesting your lawn. It is important to get rid of this weed, because it reduces sunlight, air circulation and soil nutrients that your grass needs.

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Spring is finally here!

The spring Lawn and Landscape season is in full swing here at Showcase!  We have been out over the past number of weeks sprucing up many or our clients properties, and still have many to go!  We just wanted to take a quick moment and Thank all of our current clients for placing their trust in our company again this year, and we want to welcome the many new clients who just became part of the Showcase family!

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Green Industry Conference 2012 (GIC)

While this post is about an Industry event, I thought it would be great for our clients/readers to get an inside look at what our industry is all about.  Sure, this event has miles and miles of  the newest products and equipment any Green Industry buff would salivate at!  And, yes, I love this stuff too!  However, I want to tell you about what makes this event VERY special to me.  I hope by reading this, you will get a glimpse as to why I participate in this great Industry!

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It may look like grass, but it really is Yellow Nutsedge!

Ever see this weed before?

Or, how about this one?

I’m guessing the answer to both questions is Yes!  Although it is somewhat a trick question, because they are both the same weed….Yellow Nutsedge.  This pesky weed is starting to show its ugly mug early this year.  This weed will be found in both your planting beds and lawn.  And, if you have it in your mulch bed, it is probably the easiest weed to pull.  It pulls out very easy and can be controlled by Round Up if you choose.  What I want to focus on today however is what to do if you have it in your lawn.  Here is a background on the pest!

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Grub Alert!!!

Its just about that time of year!  Due to abnormally warm conditions this past Winter everyone needs to be on the lookout for increased Grub activity in their Lawn.  If you can’t sleep some night or maybe you are just interested, take a couple minutes and read the  article below on Grubs!

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